Stamp Making

Models : @A4-FL / @A3-FL
Plate Making : for Photopolymer Stamp
Exposure + Washout + Drying + Treatment Units 4 in 1

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Plate Making Tips :

Back Exposure
Expose UV light from the back side of
Photopolymer to make floor first.

Contact of Negative film
Peel-off protective film. Contact the emulsion side of
negative onto the surface of Photopolymer

Main Exposure Expose
UV light through the negative.

Remove the negative, and process the plate in Flate
Photopolymer washout unit.

After wiping off the surface moisture by sponge roll, dry
in a hot air dryer 60

Expose UVA light again to complete photo-curing.

Expose UVC Germicide lamp as light finishing in order
to remove surface stickiness.

Contact of Negative film
Peel-off protective film and place negative film on
undeveloped plate. Use negative having optical density
of not less than 3.0

Expose plate, through negative film, to UVA light. Determine the
correct exposure time using a 21 step grey scale.
Follow the Photopolymer plate supplier .

Remove negative film & Wash exposed plate with water. Time
depends on plate thickness. Follow the Plate Supplier
TIPS. Rinse the plate with fresh water.

Dry the plate in a hot-air dryer after taking-off the surface water
with a sponge roll. Drying time is different due to the
type of plate. Follow the TIPS FOR Photopolymer Plate'

Post exposure
Expose the developed plate to UVA light again to get stability.
Post exposure time should be the same or longer than
the main exposure time.