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Product Preview

Model : @A4-FL / @A3-FL

Plate Making : for Photopolymer Stamp

Exposure + Washout + Drying + Treatment Units 4 in 1

Features of Exposure unit

Original high intensity Philips lamps with instant lighting
Specially created Digital timers for controlling back and main exposure
Superior lamps that come with a cooling and exhausting system
A powerful and quick Vacuum Drawdown Pump with an indicator

Features of Washout unit

2 in 1 flat washout units equipped with special bristles
Flat washout units with easy access and usage
The special bristle is a superb feature which helps in all kinds of plate wash.
Another worthy feature is the precise controller to control and adjust temperature/Automatic and precise temperature control
Excellent result for 200 LPI 1% reproduction

Features of Drying unit

Adding value to this machine is a drying drawer that helps in uniform heat distribution.
A controller so precise and perfect that you won’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature.
Exceptionally well designed air circulation and exhaustion mechanism(making it one of kind)
Protection from over heating guaranteed! The over heat sensor adds tremendous safety value to this unit.

Features of Treatment unit

Free from any Chemicals. Safe and Risk-free operation/ A simple, easy and safe chemical free operation
Perfect and efficient light finishing controlled by the Digital Timers.
Endowed with Philips UVC high intensity lights.
Efficient and mighty air exhausting systems for the big size models.

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Model A4FL